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Our Home Care Service

We can guarantee a rapid response to a call for assistance and can make a Home Care Manager available within 24 hours to conduct a full Home Care needs and risk assessment. All our clients are individually assessed and together with the client and their respective families we will formulate a care plan which reflects your individual care needs. A carer profile will also be compiled to ensure a suitable carer is aligned to meet your care requirements.

Our Home Care team work in close collaboration with the local Health Care team, liaising with Public Health Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists and General Practitioners is pivotal to our Service provision. 

The Care Plan

A care plan simply lists all the care activities and household chores to be addressed at a home visit by our care staff. It also acts as a guide to conduct the tasks.

We also complete a full environmental health and safety assessment, which serves to promote a safe working environment for our client and our visiting home carer staff.


The outcome of the assessment can result in a referral to your local Health Nurse, Occupational Therapist, or both.

Once the days and times of visits are finalised we will identify a suitable home carer and arrange an introductory home visit from him or her, our clients have told us this is extremely helpful and reassuring for them.

Supervision and Monitoring

Care at Home Services prides ourselves on our open door communications policy that works to promote communications between staff, service users and/or their representatives. All communications through feedback or appraisals e.g. spot checks are investigated and changes are identified.

After Home Care Support Workers complete their induction program they then participate in a period of mentoring with regular appraisal sessions to ensure competency is achieved, best practice and high standards of care are implemented.

We at Care at Home Services are committed to the implementation of strict cross infection policies, all carers are trained in correct hand hygiene practice, and receive supervision and monitoring at regular intervals. Protective equipment such as disposable aprons, gloves and alcohol gel are available to all homecarers.

Quality Assurance

Regular consultation with Care at Home Services and Service Users. This includes an Annual Survey to obtain views and opinions of the service and ongoing review of the Home Care Plan. These visits are undertaken by a member of the Care at Home Services management team.

Regular supervision meetings between Home Care Support Workers and the Care Manager. This will enable Care at Home Services to highlight any further training or development needs and to assess continuing performance.

Regular one-to-one staff consultations supported by spot-checking procedures to ensure effective communication whereby all Home Care Workers will be made aware of the high standards that are expected.

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